Human Services 
Public Safety 
  • Fulfill pension promises to our first responders. 
  • Raise police pay. 
  • Strengthen the gang unit. 
  • Foster police outreach to youth. 
  • Enhance Neighborhood Police Officer Team.   
  • Fix the damn streets!
  • Focus on long term plan to create  a more walkable city. 
  • Kill the Trinity Toll Road  
  • Less focus on highways, increased commitment to mass transit. 
  • Increase commitment to providing  social services to Dallas' homeless.
  • Work to provide city services to LGBTQ homeless (which Dallas does not currently do). 
  • Support establishment of City of Dallas Citizen Homeless Commission.  
  • Work closely with DISD to address the needs of Dallas' 3700 homeless children.
  • Expand after school and summer youth programs. 
  • Push for statewide ban on LGBTQ employment discrimination.  
Economic Development
Affordable Housing 
  • Encourage Transit Oriented Development along the DART Light Rail Green Line. 
  • Work with DISD to improve our schools, so companies stop relocating to suburbs. 
  • Closely scrutinize developer incentives to ensure they make financial sense for Dallas taxpayers. 
  • Fight landlord discrimination against housing vouchers. 
  • Dallas gives millions of dollars in subsidies to developers building high end luxury units. We need to better assist those providing low income/affordable housing.
  • Prevent gentrification from forcing people in West Dallas out of their homes.